Kent Orals USA

[KENT] COMPACT Small Head Extra Soft Toothbrush (Set of 6)

$22.90 $27.99
  • A dense complement of 3,000 0.01mm micro thin tapered bristles - Massages sensitive gums and agitates deeply between teeth and into crevices to remove food particles.
  • Curved bristle- alignment, complementing the shape of gums - Effectively massages gums and promotes gum-health
  • Compact Bristle Head to reach hard to brush places
  • Anti-bacterial silver coated bristles - Ensures hygiene even in humid bathroom conditions
  • Eco-friendly bristles & handle - BPA free, Phthalate free, 100% recyclable
  • Made in Korea specially under license with G.B. Kent & Sons Plc. in the UK

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