What is Royal Warrant? 

The Royal Warrant is as old as the Monarchy and was created as a way of recognizing the skills of small companies who produced products for the Royal Households.
Besides specialist items such as crowns, jewellery and robes,..
ordinary household products were also required from kitchen utensils, furniture and brushes.
Kent received their first warrant from George III and since then, have received warrants continuously from monarchs up to the present day.

The accolade of supplying the Royal Household was, and remains, a sign of excellence, a recognition to be proud of and one that is unequalled anywhere in the world.
Our warrant gives Kent the right to display the royal coat of arms discreetly on our products, packaging, stationery and company vehicles.

A company's Royal Warrant is reviewed every 5 years and Kent brushes have held a warrant consistently for 9 reigns.